About Us

A Cupcake Experience

The whole purpose behind Cuppies Delicious Cupcakes is to bring you a  thoroughly incredible, flavor-filled delight. Each cupcake registers AMAZING on the flavor and texture scale !

The History

We've  tasted the results of bakers who cut corners on ingredients, technique and TLC; hence, we are thoroughly excited to be able to give you the  option of a truly gourmet cupcake;  made with fine ingredients, love, integrity and creativity.

We  are so very proud to bring to you a top notch product. Every Cuppie is  made from scratch, with love and dedication to the craft of baking and  full blown indulgence. We use only the best ingredients and don’t cut corners anywhere - Period.

The Ingredients

You can count on the fact that we use high quality unbleached flourorganic milk, Callebaut Belgian chocolates, organic fruits, all natural sea salts and mountain spring water in our cakes. We challenge you to find a higher quality, better tasting collection of cupcakes!